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Welcome, and enjoy your shopping experience!

Welcome to yourteaneeds.com where you can shop for  all your tea needs with confidence that you will receive the finest quality loose tea, tea sets, tea cups and other herbal tea gifts. You can shop with ease knowing your information is secure.

You can be assured that yourteaneeds.com offers top quality tea gifts, and the security to make your shopping experience a pleasurable one. On our site you will find quality loose leaf teas, elegant tea sets, beautifully crafted tea makers and other gifts for tea lovers.

Currently we are updating our products. Due to the increase of cost, some of our teas we are unable to get. If you do not see what you are looking for, please send us an email.

Want to meet us in person? You can find us at various local events. We would love to hear from you so please contact us!  We value you as a customer.  If you reside outside of North America, please contact us prior to placing an order. Thank you.

Exquisite Fine Quality Loose Teas

Enjoy the best loose tea found anywhere and reap the benefits that  accompanies loose leaf tea!  Whether you enjoy green teared tea, black or white teaor the sweet scented rich flavour of oolong tea, you need look no further click here! We also offer herbal teas and bagged teas. If you are looking for something specific and cannot find it, drop us an email.

Quality Tea Products.

Throughout our site you will notice we have an excellent selection of unique tea products and quality loose tea. Whether you are looking for tea sets, tea makers or tea ware, you will find we have just what you need. We invite you to browse our site to find the finest teas and tea products online.

Check out our Fine Tea Sets 

Feast your eyes on our beautiful tea ware. You will agree that these are the most exquisite tea pots and tea cups found anywhere!


Browse our Tea Makers

An easy and full body brewing experience. Siphon makers Brew the best tea and coffee. The use of a lit burner and an aesthetically pleasing shape, make these coffee and tea makers a very unique and sought after accessory for anyone’s  tea collection.

High Quality Loose Tea

All of our teas are of the highest quality and standard that the tea industry has to offer. Loose tea consist of full leaves or large pieces of leaves. Hand harvested tea is carefully selected as only young leaves produce good quality tea. High quality loose leaf tea is embodied in tea flavour. These teas vary greatly, ranging from soft and charming to refined and strong. Many teas from many countries fall short of what tea should be. Many teas are sampled and rejected before the current and final selection of tea was chosen. Tea that you see on this site is the best tea the world has to offer at affordable prices.

                                        Bold and Brazen Herbal Tea Blend  

Try our teas and you will agree the quality and flavour is second to none. You’ll keep coming back for more!

High Quality Loose Teas that we offer.... 

Green Tea   ♦Herbal Blends   ♦Red Tea   ♦White Tea   ♦ Oolong Tea    ♦Black Tea   ♦If You Dare Tea    ♦ Herbal Tea   ♦Yellow Tea   Organic Tea

Do you need party favours for a wedding, shower, etc or a gift basket. Email us specific details such as types of tea, quantity... 

Looking for our samples around town. Wondering where you can find us in person? Check out Tea Events.
In town, ccome by the CLE Heritge Building on Saturday May 11th, 2019. I have samples, new tea coasters, new teas and so much more!

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