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Health Benefits of Tea
List of Health Benefits along with Tea

List of Health Benefits along with Tea

This list is here to help you decide on the type of tea you want for a specific problem. All our teas have natural health benefits. Drink just for the pleasure of the taste. Please consult your doctor if you have a medical problem. This list is not meant to solve or treat your medical condition. Our teas are all certified organic.

Allergic Symptoms: Red Rooibos

Anti-Tumor Properties: Bancha Green Leaf

Balance hormones: Alfalfa Mint

Boost Concentration and Mental Activity: Bancha Green Leaf, Yerba Mate, Clarity Check Herbal Blend

Bronchitis: Iron Clad

Bruises: Chicory Root

Burn Fat/Increase Metabolism: Bancha Green Leaf, Samurai Cut Weight Loss, Yerba Mate, Se Chung, Oolong, High on Spiced Chai Tea

Caffeine Free: Green Rooibos, Red Rooibos, Licorice Root, Battling Bamboo

Cancer: Bancha Green Leaf Tea, White Tea, Strawberry Green Tea

Circulation: Bancha Green Leaf, Licorice Root

Cleansing (eg. Colon, kidneys, liver): Wipe Out

Clogged Arteries (lowering risk of ): Ceylon

Colds: Licorise, Iron Clad

Detox: Alfalfa Mint

Diarrhea: Chicory Root

Digestion: Alfalfa Mint

Dyspepsia: Chicory Root

Enlarged Liver: Chicory Root

Eye Disorders: Chicory Root

Flu: Iron Clad

Gastointenstinal: Bancha Green Leaf

Headache: Chicory Root, Bancha Green Leaf

Healthy Skin: Red Rooibos

Heart Attack: Ceylon

Immune System: Tulsi Holy Tea

Increase Energy: Samurai Cut Weight Loss, Chimney Sweepings, Riding High

Indigestion: Red Rooibos

Inflammation: Chicory Root, Alfalfa Mint, Chamomile

Insomnia: Red Rooibos

Lower Blood Pressure: Black Tea

Lower Cholesterol: Alfalfa Mint, Bancha Green Leaf Tea

Natural “Viagara”: Zip Tang Aphrodisia

Nervous Tension: Red Rooibos, Yerba Mate, German Techno Herbal Blend

Nightime Consumption: African Red

Pain: Battling Bamboo

Poultice: Chicory Root

Skin Allergies: Chicory Root

Sore Throat: Licorice

Stroke: Ceylon, High on Spiced Chai

Swelling: Chicory Root

Vomitting: Chicory Root, Kukicha Twig Tea

Please note that there is still quite a bit of studying going on to see the benefits of various teas. Not all of our teas are listed under this list. They all have certain health benefits. Eg., green tea is very good for you even though there is a wide variety. We are NOT health practitioners. Our results are based on information from our wholesalers as well as study. Please consult your doctor if you have health concerns. Everything in moderation!