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Why Loose Tea?

There is a big difference between loose tea leaves and bagged tea leaves.The full body taste of tea is in its leaves. When breaking leaves down to tiny pieces (hence teabags), essential oils can evaporate leaving a dull taste. Loose tea consist of full leaves or large pieces of leaves.

Another factor in the taste of tea is the space needed for the leaves to augment and expand. Water can circulate with full leaves which enables better flavour in the steeping process. The result of brewing with loose leaves is a truly superior cup of tea.

How Do You Ship?                            

We ship by Priority Mail. 

When will my order arrive?                                                                                                                                                                    

Depending on where you reside and when we received your order, your order is shipped out the following day.  Due to the postal system we try our best to get our product to you in a timely manner.  If you find that your product has not arrived within two weeks, please call or email us so we can track it from our end.

Can I cancel my order?                                                                                                                                                                        

We want to get your order(s) to you as soon as possible. If you decide to change your mind after your order has been processed (shipped out), please follow our return policy.

How can I contact you?                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Best way to contact us is by email . You can call us or mail us any inquiries or comments that you may have. We would love to hear from you! If there is a loose tea that you are interested in seeing on this site, let us know so we can ask our wholesaler about it. 

                                           WGEI ENTERPRISES                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                RR12 S20 C20 Thunder Bay, Ont. Canada. P7B 5E3                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               (807) 768-0999

Broken Products?

If your product arrives broken, please follow our return policy.   

Where is your store?  

We are an online store so we do not have a store front. Our products come direct from a wholesaler who grows most of the teas in their greenhouse and whatever products that they cannot grow, they get direct from the countries that grow them. You can find us set up at various Events around town in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada. Our online store is open 24hrs a day. If you need to contact us, it is best in the evenings from 6pm - 9pm EST during the week. On weekends please call 9am to 9pm EST. We will do our best to respond back to you the same evening. If you leave a message on the answering machine, please speak clearly leaving your name, area code and number plus message. We would love to hear from you and we return all messages whether email or phone call. Unfortunatley sometimes due to mechanicle failure or not understanding the numbers, we cannot get hold of you.  If we do not get back to you within 2 days, then you know we did not get your correct number off the machine. Please call us back in the evening or weekend or email us.


If you purchased one of our products and you would like to share your experience, we would like to hear from you. We will only use your first name an initial to keep you in confidence. Please send us an email.

I want to order but I do not have a credit card.

If you want to order but you do not have a credit card, you will need to send a money order or certified cheque in USD to the following address. Please print out the order form which you will follow as if you are paying for the product. This will give you the total plus show what you would like to purchase. This also aids in any errors (product orders and quantity plus total amount owing) please contact us via email or phone (807) 768-0999. Please notice time change when calling due to being in the eastern time zone (eg. your live in MST you are 2 hrs behind us). Please have your address, contact number and email if available. We will notify you as soon as your order has been processed via email or phone. Send money order or certified cheque to:

WGEI Enterprises RR12 S20 C20 Thunder Bay, Ontario. Canada P7B 5E3

Please make all cheques payable to: WGEI Enterprises

I have a credit card but it is not going through

If you find that your credit card is not going through, check the following:

-billing address is the same address that you use for your credit card statement (you can use ship to address if different then billing to have your your products delivered)    

-double check your credit card numbers very easy to type in the wrong numbers

-call your credit card company to inquire about your card

Do you sell samples?

We do offer samples for $2 each. You need to send a self addressed envelope with sufficient postage. (If ordering only 1 sample, a regular sized envelope is fine with one stamp. If ordering more than 2, you need to get into a larger envelope with more postage. Remember that the tea samples will be coming from Canada. If you reside in the USA, please put the correct postage on. Samples are given randomly so even if you specify a specific one, I can not guarantee you will receive it. Please note that the White and Yellow tea is $3each. You can send a cheque payable to WGEI Enterprises.  Samples give you 1 pot of tea with about 2 or 3 infusions. Of course the white tea will give you quite a bit more.

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Educational Purpose

The information about the products we sell are for educational purposes only. Please contact your doctor if you have any health issues. make no claims as to the ability of plants and their derivitives to cure you or treat you of any ailment known to man. Before using any plants and their derivitives you should seek the advice and training of a qualified professional and your personal physician DO seek guidance if you do not know how to use these plants and their derivitives properly. and its representatives will not be held responsible for the improper ingestion or other improper uses of plants and their derivitives. By use of this web site and the information contained herein you agree to hold harmless, its suppliers, heirs, and affiliates and you agree to the terms contained within the privacy and conditions of use policy.

What happens if I live outside of North America and I want to order?

You can still follow through with your order. (You will not be able to complete it). You will have to email us so that we can figure out what the shipping fee will entail. Orders will be processed once payment has gone through.


Do you have catalogues?

No? If you are looking for a specific tea, type it under search. If we carry it, you will be forwarded to the correct page otherwise product will not be found.